The Company


ational Energetics is the leading innovator of high-energy and ultra-intense lasers and laser systems.  We provide reliable, high performance solutions utilizing novel technologies that surpass traditional platforms and deliver what you need for your success.  These systems include lasers based on Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA) with peak power from 1 TW to above a PW as well as high energy and high average power pulsed laser systems.

Our CPA lasers feature OPCPA technology as well as more established Ti:sapphire and Nd:glass amplification techniques.  We offer CPA lasers not only at traditional near-IR wavelengths but also at longer wavelengths out to the mid-IR.  National Energetics scientists will also provide consulting services and assistance on the design and construction of high power and high energy lasers to customers.

Focus on the user

We have many years’ experience as users of CPA lasers in a variety of different high field plasma and atomic physics experiments. This gives us the ability to design a laser which not only meets the initial desired specifications but a laser which can serve as a long term, reliable, easy to use target shooter in the lab.

The importance of this aspect of our laser designs cannot be overstated. There is an enormous gulf between the performance of a laser, which simply meets the desired specs upon delivery, and a laser that is a useful tool for research, day in and day out. We can deliver a laser that will get work done.

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