ational Energetics has been formed by a team of scientists from the University of Texas. This team, led by Todd Ditmire, Erhard Gaul and Mikael Martinez, brings many years of extensive expertise in the design and construction of CPA lasers at power levels from terawatts to petawatts.  Our team from the Univesrity of Texas has developed CPA lasers in many media including Ti:sapphire, Nd:glass, OPCPA and Cr:LiSAF over the past 15 years.  In particular, the National Energetic team brings some very unique qualifications to the design and construction of custom CPA lasers.  Our team has recently completed the Texas Petawatt laser in Austin, presently the highest power laser in the world.  As such, our company is the only company in the world composed of a team of people who have demonstrated the construction of a Petawatt laser.

We also bring extensive experience as experimentalists using these high energy CPA systems, which gives us the knowledge needed to design a laser which not only meets the initial desired specifications but a laser which can serve as a long term, reliable, easy to use target shooter in the lab.

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