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We have extensive experience with OPCPA amplification, which is rapidly becoming the technology of choice for contrast improvement in large TW and PW-class laser systems.  The team was involved in an early installation at the Texas Petawatt facility a decade ago.  Since that time, they have designed and installed OPCPA in multiple systems, giving National Energetics the most OPCPA experience of any commercial company.

National Energetics CPA Systems Ti Sapphire
CPA Systems

National Energetics use our novel pump sources in complete turnkey laser systems.  Using Chirped Pulse Amplification (CPA), we can produce peak power in excess of 1 PW.  While we have designed and delivered pure Ti:Sapphire systems, our unique art is combining OPCPA preamplification with Ti:Sapphire amplifiers.  The combination delivers very high contrast with improved overall efficiency and lower costs.

National Energetics CPA Systems Mixed Glass

Mixed Glass

National Energetics is unique in that we are the only company to produce both classic Ti:Sapphire-based CPA systems and also mixed glass CPA systems.  Mixed glass CPA lasers are the most cost-effective architectures to achieve multiple TW to PW output energies.

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