National Energetics Lasers High Energy Laser Systems

High-energy Laser Systems

National Energetics has extensive design and development experience in production of classic master oscillator – power amplifier high-energy ns laser systems.  Our designs use either YAG or YLF.  At lower repetition rates, we can increase energy by adding larger glass rods.  These systems feature top-hat beam profiles and excellent stability.  The oscillator can be GRM, multimode or temporally shaped.

National Energetics Lasers Harmonics and Opas

Harmonics and OPAs

Using custom harmonic generators and OPOs, National Energetics offers solutions from 200nm to 5mm.  Broad bandwidth high-energy harmonic generation is challenging.  Recently we have delivered systems with sub-55fs, 450mJ at 200nm and 10ns, 850 mJ tunable from 1.49µm to 1.58µm.

National Energetics Lasers Disc Amplifiers

Disc Amplifiers

National Energetics builds solid-state lasers and tunable sources for science and industry.  Laser amplifiers based on laser rod architectures are limited in energy.  Disc amplifiers can scale in energy but are limited in repetition rate to single shot applications.  National Energetics has pioneered the development of a new class of disc amplifier that scales in both energy and repetition rate.  Using this technology, it is possible to create single beam kJ-class pulses at 1 Hz or take lower energy pulses to kW average power.

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